NA Import - Export

NA IMPORT-EXPORT aims to match the best products for its customers and shares its global experience as a connection between companies in the world.




Since its establishment, NA IMPORT-EXPORT has gained a wealth of experience in assisting the foreign enterprises in doing business with Turkey, while on the other hand supporting Turkish products have been exported more.

NA IMPORT-EXPORT, offers a rich variety of products to the use of Turkish and foreign business circles. As the world business environment evolves, we are flexibly diversify our core services and products in the interest of our customers.

NA IMPORT-EXPORT provides best solutions to the cooperation between industrial organizations to the overseas and domestic markets.

The products and services supplied by NA IMPORT-EXPORT to its customer may be enumerated as electrical cable, textiles, machine and machine parts, automobile spare parts, construction materials, insulating materials, sports equipments, chemical products.


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